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Adlington Dog Field Terms & Conditions

    1. Booking Information 

    1.1 Booking is made through the website

    1.2 Cancellation Policy – If you arrive late, the booking cannot be extended. Refunds can only be given for cancelled bookings if that space is filled by another customer. Refunds are minus 50p to cover online payment charges.

    1.3 Bookings are non-transferable. The person making the booking must be present and must ensure that anyone else attending is made aware of and adheres to the Terms and Conditions.

    2. Parking

    2.1 There is hard standing parking available at Adlington Dog Field for up to two cars, users can park inside the field or at the gate.

    2.2 If you choose to park on the Adlington Dog Field car park then you do so at your own risk and Adlington Dog Field accept no responsibility for any loss/damages.

    2.3 Please be respectful of other people using the field when parking and whist we have enough space for users on changeover we ask that you are mindful of others timeslots.

    3. Maintenance

    3.1 Adlington Dog Field do provide poo bags should you forget to bring your own. The Yellow bin situated at the field entrance is to be used for dog waste only, please ensure you take all other rubbish home with you.

    3.2 The Adlington Dog Field Team will inspect the field and fencing daily to maintain security but please notify a member of the Team if you have any concerns.

    3.3 During winter months the field will be muddy and waterproof boots will be required.

    3.4 Do not allow your dog/s to dig holes, this can be dangerous to other field users. Notify a member of the Adlington Dog Field Team if you see a hole so that it can be filled in.

    3.5 On your first visit take the time to inspect the field to ensure that it is suitable for use by your dog/s; fence height, proximity to farm animals etc.

    4. Code of Ethics

    4.1 Choke chains, prong collars and electronic devices are not allowed.

    4.2 Harsh handling of dogs, either verbal or physical is not allowed.

    4.3 To maintain the professional integrity of Adlington Dog Field, dog trainers working with their clients will only be allowed by prior arrangement.

    4.4 To maintain the professional integrity of Adlington Dog Field, professional dog walkers will only be allowed by prior arrangement.

    5. Entering/Leaving the Field

    5.1 A member of the Adlington Dog Field Team will be there to meet you on your first session, ensure that you have read the Terms and Conditions before arriving. If you have booked the field but are meeting friends/family ensure that they too are familiar with the Terms and Conditions.

    5.2 Do not arrive more than 10 minutes before the start of your session, early arrivals can be disruptive to those still on the fields. Once in the car park ensure that your dogs do not cause a distraction to those leaving the field; dogs barking at open windows can be very upsetting for some dogs.

    5.3 Stay in your vehicle until the previous users have left the field and have got their dogs into their vehicle.

    5.4 Do not enter the field before your allocated time.

    5.5 Leave the field promptly at the end of your session time.

    5.6 Keep your dogs on lead until you are in the field.

    5.7 If you cannot get your dogs back at the end of your session notify a member of the team on site. Any additional sessions used must be paid for.

    6. Vaccinations

    Vaccination are an important way of protecting your dog against some serious disease. Adlington dog field strongly recommend that all dogs using the field are fully vacinated.

    In the unlikely event that your dog become unwell after visiting Adlington Dog Field we would ask that you please notify us at the earliest convinience as we have a duty of care to all field users.

    7. Children

    Children are welcome on the field but must be supervised by an adult at all times. The enrichment areas (logs, straw bales etc.) are designed to be used by dogs and if children are allowed to climb, then they do so at their own risk.

    8.Rules for XL Bully and Banned Breed Dog Owners & Walkers:

    8.1 All standard field rules apply.

    8.2 Dogs must be registered with the Index of Exempt Dogs (EID), and a copy of the life certificate must be obtained and uploaded when making your booking, or you can email us a copy prior to arriving at Adlington Dog Field.

    8.3 A copy of the public liability insurance certificate for the dog must be obtained and uploaded when making your booking, or you can email us a copy prior to arriving at Adlington Dog Field.

    8.4 The dog must be neutered and microchipped in line with government regulations.

    8.5 The dog must remain on a short lead and muzzled at ALL times in the car park and only be let off and unmuzzled once in the secure field area with the gate shut.

    8.6 The dog must be muzzled and put back on a short lead when re-entering the car park after it has been exercised.

    8.7 There must always be one handler per banned breed dog. If other dogs from the same household are present, another handler must be present to supervise them.

    8.8 You must arrive 5 minutes late and leave 5 minutes early for your session to ensure arrival after the previous person has left and departure well before the next person arrives.

    8.9 All handlers must be over 16 years old.

    8.10 Shared bookings with another household are prohibited for dogs of banned breeds.


    In keeping with the law regarding ‘responsible dog ownership’, you are entirely responsible for yours and your dog(s)’ safety whilst at Adlington Dog Field.

    We cannot be held responsible and will not accept liability for any loss, damage, injury or death howsoever and by whomsoever caused, whether to property or person(s) sustained at Adlington Dog Field.

    Our contract with you

    You will book to use the Dog Field through our website. Our acceptance of your request to book to use the Dog Field shall form a contract between Us, subject to these terms and conditions. For the avoidance of doubt a new contract shall be made on each occasion that You book to use the Dog Field. 

    The total price of the services is displayed on our website and will be shown to You before You elect to book to use the Dog Field. 

    You shall be permitted to use the Dog Field only for the duration specified in your booking.

    We will take payment for your booking from You in advance, via our website, which will accept payment by Stripe.

    Liability & Our responsibility 

    You agree that You understand that exercising and handling dogs is a high risk activity and that dogs, by their nature, may be unpredictable and prone to cause accident or injury.

    You understand that use of the Dog Field requires you to exercise care and caution. The Dog Field is a natural environment and presents hazards and risks. The Dog Field is not flat; it has natural undulations, and You agree to carefully observe your footing whilst manoeuvring around the Dog Field.

    Our total liability to You for any loss or damage caused by any breach of these terms by Us shall be capped at twice the amount paid by You to us under this contract. 

    We are not liable for business losses. We only supply the services for domestic and private use. If You use the services for any commercial or business purposes we will have no liability to You for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, or loss of business opportunity.